At H&M Trucking, we know what it takes to get ahead of the curve – and stay there. Whatever lies ahead for you – make sure H&M Trucking is with you every step – and every mile – of the way.


In an industry that is too often viewed as a price-driven commodity, H&M Trucking stands out. That’s because in everything we do, we are committed to doing things right. And it shows in the measures that are most important to our clients, our drivers and our employees.

Family owned and operated since our founding in 1987, H&M Trucking is an over-the-road company, providing dry van, hopper, freeze protect and hazardous materials transport services – safely and efficiently.

For clients, that means the confidence to trust us with any project – regardless of size, scope or complexity – knowing we’ll deliver as promised, with high-quality, personalized service that even includes access to company management 24/7.

For drivers, it means being part of a growing organization that not only understands your value to our company – but works to continue to increase it. From late model equipment to the latest technology, training, perks, pay and amenities, H&M Trucking offers a true family environment, which enables us to attract the best drivers – and keep them.


H&M Trucking is a nationwide company that still believes in building one-to-one relationships with a range of transport services that includes: dry van, hopper, freeze protect and hazardous materials. Plus, you gain the convenience and control of real-time tracking, dedicated equipment and a passionate customer service team.


People love to work at H&M Trucking – and that’s the way we like it. Our family culture extends throughout the company from finance and accounting to customer service, recruiting, load planning, maintenance and safety, dispatch and recruiting. And, we provide good compensation, benefits and more to help build your career.


When you’re a trucking company committed to doing things right, it has to start with the best drivers. At H&M Trucking, we start by getting to know more about what you want from the people you work for, then doing our best to deliver with a competitive base pay, plus lots of ways to boost it with bonuses for safety, clean inspections and more – along with amenities, new equipment and the latest in-cab technology.



You don’t know until you ask and when you do, you’ll find that H&M Trucking is great to work with because we do all we can to work with you – no matter what you need us to do. Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.


Whether you’re a client looking for a reliable trucking partner or a driver looking for a great place to work, contact H&M Trucking.