💥💥💥 COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT 💥💥💥 Why talk about it when you can just BE about it! H&M Trucking has built our foundation on understanding, acknowledging and honoring the value of high quality, professional drivers which is why, in 2017 alone, we paid out over $470,000 in...

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H&M Hero: Bill Makey

H&M Trucking would like to welcome one of our newest drivers and H&M Hero, Bill Makey! He served as a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army National Guard from 1978 to 1991, for a total of 13 years!   Thank you, Bill- we salute...

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Russ brothers, reunited!

"God made us brothers, but H&M brought us together!" This is a picture and statement we received from new van driver, Russ Reed. His brother Ken has been with us since April 2016 and these two brothers hadn't seen each other in person in well over a year! Hope you...

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